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Featured Story

The main reason we do what we do is the joy of matching great cats with great forever homes. Many of our cats have had rough starts in life, and we work hard to ensure that they will be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives.  Here is just one of our wonderful happy endings.

Blue's Story


Blue, now Sophie, was living outdoors somewhere near Belmont Plateau, and was VERY pregnant. Once brought inside, this beautiful Russian Blue displayed serious aggression. She hissed, bit, growled, and ran from people. In particular she was afraid of hands, making us suspect she was abused.


We weren’t sure if she would be able to stay inside, but we continued to work with her. She eventually made progress and would jump on her foster mom’s lap, but then she’d lapse and begin biting again. She seemed put off by the other cats in her foster house and we desperately searched for another foster home without cats. Luckily, a lovely couple offered to foster her to see how she would do in a new envrionment. We waited with trepidation for reports on how she was doing and were amazed when the news was nothing but positive.


Her new family (the foster family ended up adopting her) reports that she has become a whole new cat. Now the ultimate lap cat, she loves nothing but lounging with her family.


Her new mom sends photos and updates regularly. Apparently her husband, who was skeptical about Sophie at first, is in love! Here are excerpts from her updates:



“Thank you, Brenda, for introducing us to one of the best cats we've ever met! Sophie is doing great! She's so funny—she prefers him now more than me! I'm jealous of the two of them! I've attached a recent pix that I'm not sure I've sent you yet...this is what they do all the time!” 

Sophie in her forever home, relaxed and happy.

Sophie when she first arrived in foster care, scared and confused.

Sophie enjoying life with her dad.

Napping with dad.

Reading the Chestnut Hill Local with her mom and dad. 

Having a ball. ;-)

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