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What Should I Do If I Can No Longer Care for My Cat?

Because we are overwhelmed by rescuing cats that are on the streets and at great risk, we do not accept surrenders (cats that currently belong to someone).


We strongly urge you to re-home the animal yourself – networking with your friends, family, and community is the best way for you to find a safe home for your cat. Effective strategies include:

  • Posting flyers in your neighborhood (sample flyer here)

  • Asking friends, family, colleagues, and community members if they know someone looking for a cat.

  • Posting listings on "lost and found" sections of social media sites such as and Facebook.

  • Try the website Rehome, which is sponsored by Adopt-a-Pet and the Petco Foundation.


If you find a potential adopter, we strongly advise:

  • Charging a small re-homing fee

  • Checking vet and/or personal references


If you have absolutely no other options, you must bring your pet to your county’s animal control shelter. Please do this only as a last resort, as animals turned in to these facilities may be euthanized (put to sleep, killed). 











What Can I Do If I See an Animal Being Mistreated?


  • To report animal cruelty or neglect, call the Pennsylvania SPCA Cruelty Hotline at 1-866-601-7722.


What Can I Do If I Find an Animal on the Street?


  • You can find detailed information at the Alley Cat Allies web site.


Where Can I Find Low-Cost Veterinary Services?


How Can I Get Involved in Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) Activities?



How Can I Build a Shelter for Outdoor Cats?


Recommended Pet Sitters


Montgomery County SPCA:

Abington Location

1006 Edge Hill Road

Roslyn, PA  19001

Tel. 215-886-8802

Philadelphia County:

Animal Care and Control Team 

111 West Hunting Park Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19140

Tel: 267-385-3800

Montgomery County SPCA:

Conshohocken Location

19 East Ridge Pike

Conshohocken, PA  19428-0222

Tel. 610-825-0111


350 Erie Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19134

Tel. 215-426-6300

To report animal abuse: Call 1-866-601-SPCA or visit


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