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Become a Foster Parent

Do you have an extra room in your house? Even a spare bathroom will help a nursing mom have a quiet and safe place. Foster homes are critical to our ability to save as many cats as possible. By providing temporary homes, foster parents allow us the time to find forever homes for our deserving cats. If you love cats and have space in your home, consider becoming a foster parent – it’s a wonderful feeling to know you’ve saved a life!



  • Cats recovering from surgery need a quiet and safe place.

  • Some cats prefer not to interact with other cats.

  • Nursing moms need a quiet and safe place to care for their kittens.

  • Kittens need a place to stay and gain weight before being spayed/neutered.



After filling out an application and signing a foster agreement, we will visit your home to determine if it’s suitable for fostering. Once you have been designated as an official foster home:

  • You will be responsible for food, litter, litter box, and care of your foster.

  • If a cat needs to see a vet while in your care, we will cover those costs.

  • On occasion we will ask you to bring the cat to adoption events where they can meet potential adopters.

  • Generally cats stay in foster homes from several weeks to several months.

  • All foster cats will have been vetted before being placed in a foster home.

  • We will mentor you through the process!


Must be 18 years of age or older to be the primary caretaker.


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